Technology Overview
Process Sequence


Process Sequence


How is heat transferred in the vapor phase process?

Step 1: The assembly is moved into the vapor phase. It is preheated on the upper area of the vapor blanket.

Step 2: The assembly descends into the vapor blanket. With the patented Soft Vapor Phase (SVP) process, it is possible to control the
position of the assembly in the vapor to perform a soft temperature rise.

Step 3: The vapor condenses on the assembly and transfers its thermal energy. Since the vapor is chemically inert, it provides a
protective gas atmosphere with 0 ppm oxygen. Thus, there is no need for additional nitrogen.

Step 4: The assembly can be heated up to a maximum temperature that equals the temperature of the vapor only. No matter how long
the assembly stays in the vapor, the temperature of the vapor cannot be exceeded. Overheating is physically impossible.

Step 5. After leaving the vapor blanket there is still condensed fluid left on the board. Due to the inner heat of the assembly, the liquid
evaporates back in the tank and a dry assembly leaves the machine.




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